Dec. 21, 2017 -- On the heels of announcing the new members of his County leadership team earlier this week, Westchester County Executive-elect George Latimer today indicated some members of the existing County government, he has asked to continue to serve in his Administration.

Latimer named seven individuals to continue in their leadership posts into the new Administration:

  • Mae Carpenter, Commissioner Senior Programs and Services Department
  • Rocco Pozzi, Commissioner Probation Department 
  • Michael Orth, Commissioner Community Mental Health Department
  • Kathleen O'Connor, Commissioner Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department
  • Dr. Kunjlata Ashar, Pathologist/Medical Examiner & Commissioner Labs & Research Department
  • Robi Schlaff, Executive Director Office for Women
  • Ronald Tocci,  Director Veterans Service Agency  

"These individuals have proven their value to the people of Westchester in their current posts, and they have earned the opportunity to continue to serve our County", Latimer said. "We will be making changes in various parts of County government, and we will be maintaining personnel in other parts. We are seeking to engage the best individuals available to help us address the needs of our neighbors and friends in this County." 

With these re-appointments, the new County Executive has shown his strategy of bi-partisanship; some observers expected a wholesale dismissal of incumbent officials, many of whom supported his opponent in the recent election. "I want us to work together and succeed. You can't get ahead, if you're busy trying to 'get even'." Additional announcements of new hires and incumbent re-appointments are expected over the next few weeks.

Latimer served as Chairman of the County Board of Legislators 20 years ago, and was noted for his bi-partisan, collegial style of governing during that four year assignment, as well as during his tenure as a State Assemblyman and State Senator.

For more information, contact Joseph A. Glazer, Transition Director of Communications, by phone at (518) 364-2245.