Westchester County Director of Consumer Protection Jim Maisano and his staff want to keep your grocers honest.  This summer, the Westchester County Consumer Protection Department will continue its commitment to protecting consumers by conducting annual inspections of every grocery store in Westchester. These inspections are random and rigorous, ensuring that consumers receive accurate product measurements, fair transactions and pay the correct price at checkout.

To see our inspection process in action, watch video by clicking here.

The Department’s inspections cover several key areas to safeguard consumers:

  • Weighing and Measuring Devices: Inspectors verify the accuracy of devices used to weigh and measure products.
  • Labels and Statements of Quantity: Labels are checked to ensure that they meet all labeling requirements. Labels must include a statement of identity, quantity and responsibility.
  • Pricing Accuracy: Inspectors ensure that shelf tags match the scanned prices at checkout.
  • Labels for Sale Items: All items that are advertised as sale items must scan at the advertised sale price at checkout.

Maisano said: “We take consumer protection very seriously. Our annual inspections are a crucial part of maintaining trust and fairness in the marketplace. We are protecting consumers by ensuring they get what they pay for. We encourage residents to reach out if they have any questions or concerns about their grocery store shopping experiences.”

For any questions or further information, please contact the Westchester County Consumer Protection Department at 914-995-2155.