This is to serve as official notification that the Westchester County Department of Health has been notified by the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities that partially treated sewage is being released into the Hudson River at 100 Croton River Road in Ossining due to a break in a force main at the Crotonville sewer pump station. Due to this event, there is a probable environmental impact to the surrounding waters. Contact with the sewage is a potential public health threat, so through the weekend and until further notice, residents are advised to avoid recreational activities in the Hudson River, from Peekskill to Yonkers. Croton Point Park Beach and Philipse Manor Beach are closed until further notice. The Department of Environmental Facilities is working to repair the section of 24-inch cast iron pipe. Until the repair is completed, up to one million gallons of partially treated sewage is expected to be released into the Hudson River. Further updates will be made as they become available. 

The Westchester County Department of Health is advising all recreational boaters and swimmers from Croton-on-Hudson south to Yonkers to avoid contact with the Hudson River until further notice as a precaution due to an ongoing force main break and repair in Ossining. Beaches are to remain closed this weekend and until further notice at Croton Point Park and Philipse Manor Beach Club. Contact with the Croton River should be avoided from 100 Croton River Road to the Hudson River.

A contractor is currently on site, conducting excavation to access and repair the pipe. According to the County Department of Environmental Facilities, a segment of the pipe will be cut out, replaced and encased in concrete. The duration of these repairs is still unknown.

During the ongoing repairs, partially treated sewage is being discharged at Croton River Road in Ossining. Depending on the tides, this could affect water quality in the Hudson River as far north as Peekskill and as far south as Yonkers.

The advisory, along with telephone notification to the marinas and beach, is being made because approximately one million gallons of partially treated sewage could enter the Hudson River daily until the repairs are completed and the force main is back in service.

The County Health Department will be monitoring the situation and the reopening of permitted bathing beaches once discharge has been terminated and repairs are completed.  For more information, go to