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Westchester County is committing to helping the Town of Mamaroneck build more affordable homes. Focusing on property in the Town, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is committing to assisting Mamaroneck through the process, and has earmarked a $3-million-dollar investment from the County. 

Latimer said: “Our responsibility as a County Government is to make sure the opportunity for affordable housing is always there, and that includes assisting our local municipalities through the development process. In Mamaroneck, we are committed to helping the Town fill this critical need, which will create more housing at a price point all people can afford. We are vowing to assist in this process, which will ultimately help improve the quality of life for many of our residents and families.”

Under Latimer’s leadership, Westchester County has dedicated significant resources and funding to enhance the infrastructure and services in the Town of Mamaroneck. From comprehensive park renovations and flood management initiatives, to major roadway improvements and fiscal contributions, these efforts demonstrate the County’s commitment to enhancing quality of life and supporting local communities.

Major Developments and Investments 

  • Storm Sewer Network Evaluation and Flooding Mitigation: Addressing long-standing concerns regarding flooding, the County has allocated $300,000 for a comprehensive assessment of Mamaroneck’s storm sewer network. This initiative aims to reduce the frequency and severity of flooding in flood-prone areas, enhancing safety and protecting property.
  • Roadway Enhancements on Mamaroneck Avenue: With an investment of over $12.3 million, Westchester County has completed the repaving of Mamaroneck Avenue, spanning 5.09 miles from Bryant Ave in White Plains to Mt. Pleasant Ave in the Village of Mamaroneck. This significant infrastructure improvement enhances the driving experience and safety for thousands of commuters and residents daily.
  • Upcoming Repaving of Murray Avenue: Further demonstrating its commitment to maintaining robust infrastructure, the County has set aside $10.6 million in the Capital Plan for the repaving of Murray Avenue. Currently at 60% design completion, this project is scheduled to go to bid soon, signaling continued improvements in local road quality.
  • Increased Sales Tax Revenue Sharing: Since the implementation of an additional 1% sales tax in 2020, Westchester County has redistributed a total of $12,111,310 back to the community of Mamaroneck. This revenue sharing boosts local government capacity to fund essential services and community projects.
  • Environmental Achievements: With the County’s support, the Town became a bronze certified Climate Smart Community in 2016. Mamaroneck Town was re-certified in 2022.
  • Senior Nutrition / Food Security: Westchester County contributes $77,462 annually for Congregate meals, Home Delivered meals and Transportation services at the Mamaroneck Senior Center.
  • Revitalization of Flint Park: Westchester County is investing $1 million into Flint Park in the Village of Larchmont, specifically targeting Alma Field. This project will include the construction of a new varsity-sized, multi-purpose sports field suitable for soccer, lacrosse, little league baseball and softball. Enhancements will also feature new lighting, seating options such as benches and bleachers, picnic tables, a scoreboard, a sound system and improved walkways, curbing and drainage systems. (Village of Larchmont)

Latimer said: “Our investments in Mamaroneck reflect our overarching goal to directly enhance the lives of our residents through thoughtful, impactful projects. Each initiative from park renovations to road improvements and flood mitigation not only improves our infrastructure but also our community's resilience and enjoyment of public spaces.”