Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced a momentous development regarding the Merestead property; a Judge has signed an Order lifting longstanding restrictions at the County’s request. This landmark decision marks an important advancement for Westchester County, granting greater autonomy over the management of Merestead and unlocking crucial funds for community use.

Latimer said: “This decision signifies a significant step forward in our efforts to preserve and enhance Merestead for future generations. We are committed to honoring Mrs. Margaret Sloane Patterson’s vision, while ensuring that Merestead remains a vibrant cultural and recreational destination for the community.”

The Order:

  • Empowers the County with increased control over the park land
  • Releases the majority of funds from trust accounts associated with Merestead for use at Merestead
  • Establishes a trust account for the remaining funds
  • Enables the County to draw 5% per year for ongoing maintenance and development projects
  • Introduces a Collections Management Policy, providing a structured approach to managing Merestead's valuable assets, including artwork and other items.

With the lifting of restrictions and the release of funds, Westchester County can now embark on initiatives aimed at enhancing Merestead's facilities and services, further solidifying its status as a cultural and recreational hub.

The County Attorney’s Office extended appreciation to the State Attorney General’s office for their guidance and collaboration throughout the process. Also, the County thanks Judge David Everett’s law secretary, Michael Wright, for his mediation efforts in facilitating resolution between the County and the Attorney General’s office.