Latimer said: “The State of our County is firmly rooted in strength while growing and changing for the better.”

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The address featured videos highlighting key accomplishments and initiatives, including:

(White Plains, NY) – Westchester County Executive George Latimer delivered his 7th State of the County address, highlighting the County's achievements, ongoing initiatives and vision for the future. The address, delivered in the Board of Legislators Chamber – “the People’s Chamber” – was attended by lawmakers and community members, and underscored the County's commitment to progress, innovation and inclusivity. In the speech Latimer declared the state of Westchester County to be, “firmly rooted in strength while growing and changing for the better.”

Latimer said: “Let us see the value in electing leaders who have no scandals, no hate, no conspiracy theories, leaders who aren’t breaking campaign pledges or becoming a national punchline.  Together, we can build on the foundation laid by those who have dedicated their lives to Westchester.”

In his address, Latimer expressed gratitude to Chairman Vedat Gashi and members of the Board of Legislators for their leadership and collaboration. Latimer also acknowledged the contributions of County officials, recognizing their dedication to serving the community.

Latimer said: “We proudly embody the essence of new faces, individuals who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront. Yet, intertwined with this newness is the richness of experience and a tapestry of accomplishments that defines the very fabric of our community.”

 Financial Stability 

Reflecting on the County's financial stability, Latimer highlighted the passage of the 2024 Westchester County Budget, which maintains the same County property tax levy as 2023, marking the fifth consecutive year without a levy increase.

He emphasized the County's prestigious "AAA" credit rating from Fitch Ratings, as well as its improved credit ratings from S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service. Additionally, he highlighted the New York State Comptroller lowering the fiscal stress score for the County to zero, indicating outstanding financial stability.

 Social Services 

Latimer showcased initiatives to support residents, including seasonal suspension of the Bee-Line Bus fares, the expansion of the Child Care Scholarship Program to 500% of the Federal Poverty Level and efforts to address food insecurity. 

In honor of Women's History Month, Latimer announced his support of proposed legislation to provide free home lock changes for survivors of domestic violence within the county while also providing shelter for survivors while the locks are changed. 


The new Recycle Coach app was highlighted in the speech, as well as the work of the Department of Environmental Facilities in expanding the County’s existing textile recycling program by offering curbside collection and reaching record numbers in waste recovery and recycling. 

Latimer also applauded the Board of Legislators for passing the single-use foodware law as well as the Lead Free Parks Act, the Addressing Asthma in Communities of Color Amendment, the Renewable Energy Database Act and the Equity in Environmental Legislation Act.   

Latimer pointed out that the County has made a substantial investment of $20 million to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure at County parking facilities, adding that “These efforts underscore our commitment to sustainability and community well-being.”

Affordable Housing 

Housing for All Video: WATCH HERE.

Latimer said: “Since our administration first took office in 2018, affordable housing - and the availability of affordable housing throughout the County - has remained a top priority.”

Since 2018, nearly six thousand units of affordable housing have been built, gone under construction, or are in the pipeline for the future. Additionally, Latimer highlighted the Affordable Housing Investment Flex Fund, a new, affordable housing production tool which was created to help increase the number of units across Westchester. 

Mental Health

Latimer announced the launch of Lives Forward, new in 2024. A collaboration between the departments of Community Mental Health and Correction, the program trains much-needed peers to help those with addiction and mental health needs.  He also highlighted the County’s Opioid Response and Overdose Prevention Initiative, Project Alliance, “Reimagining Policing” efforts, supporting the “988” Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline, and the County’s Mobile Crisis Response Teams.

Capital Projects 

  Restoring the Glen Island Bridge: WATCH HERE.

For the first time in Latimer’s tenure, he used the State of the County Address to sign the $52.8-million-dollar Glen Island Bridge construction Bond Act. The Act is among the most significant construction projects in Westchester County in the past decade.

Latimer said: “Here in Westchester we support infrastructure, always, and we vote and enact legislation to support it.  We just don’t talk about it.” 

Emergency Services

Latimer highlighted the leadership role taken by the Departments of Emergency Services, Environmental Facilities and Consumer Protection, in developing a lithium ion battery safety program focusing on: legislation, safe disposal, firefighter training and public education.  He also spotlighted The HERRO Program and legislation he recently signed aimed at supporting the essential role of volunteer firefighters and ambulance service members by creating a law that establishes guidelines for a property tax break for those who serve, have served and their spouse.

Public Safety 

Also highlighted in the speech was the Westchester County Threat Assessment Center (WESTAC) aimed at preventing targeted violence and providing the public a direct way to report persons or groups they fear may be planning acts of mass violence or domestic terrorism. 


Latimer affirmed his commitment to support the uninsured and underinsured residents of Westchester, bolstering our Federally Qualified Health Centers with $3 million in funding while also setting aside more than $1 million for the County’s Black Maternal Child Health Initiative, and $1.5-million-dollars to promote tobacco prevention and cessation programs.  

Economic Development

Latimer applauded the work of the County’s Economic Development Department which established the DIG Program, a competitive program in which five municipalities were selected to undergo a market analysis on improvements to their downtowns and the Clean Energy Careers Working Group with Sustainable Westchester.  They also grew the MWBE program and the Diverse Abilities job fairs, and added more cohorts to the Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator, Element 46 and Launch1000.  


A Tribute to Veteran Joseph Frank: WATCH HERE.

During the speech, Latimer singled out Veteran Joseph Frank, a Port Chester native and a distinguished combat Army Infantryman who served his nation overseas during World War II.  Frank is Westchester County’s oldest living veteran - at the age of 106.

Latimer said: “We express our gratitude to Mr. Frank for his selfless service and to all our Westchester County veterans.”


Latimer applauded the County’s tourism efforts, highlighting that tourism remained a significant driver of the economy with visitor spending reaching $2 billion in 2022. 

Latimer said: “That is why this year we used ARPA funding to dedicate $2.1 million to promoting Westchester County as a tourist destination. As we have said all along this is a great place to live, work and play.” 

In closing, Latimer reiterated Westchester County's commitment to innovation, progress and compassion. He called upon residents to continue working together towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all.