Westchester County Executive George Latimer is highlighting the strategic construction initiatives spearheaded in his administration that have boosted economic growth and elevated the construction landscape in the County.


The video outlines strategic moves to eliminate the bond cap, implement project bundling and establish an On-Call Construction Consultants Program, all geared towards fostering economic growth, job creation and improved infrastructure.

Latimer said: "We're not just laying bricks - we're building a thriving Westchester County. These strategic initiatives are the cornerstones of economic growth, job creation and a robust infrastructure that ensures our County remains a beacon for businesses and a source of pride.”

Director of Operations Joan McDonald said: “Our strategic construction initiatives reflect our proactive approach to economic development and infrastructure enhancement in Westchester County. By eliminating the bond cap, bundling projects and establishing an On-Call Construction Consultants Program, we're not only optimizing resources but also ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in our construction endeavors.”

Eliminating the Bond Cap: Prior to the Latimer Administration, the $10 million bond cap was restricting the potential for large-scale and impactful projects, limiting the County's ability to keep up with the demands. By eliminating the bond cap, Westchester County aims to create jobs, stimulate local economies and ensure communities remain attractive for businesses.

Bundling Projects: Grouping projects with similar timelines and requirements allows the County to achieve significant cost savings, ensuring taxpayers' money is spent wisely while delivering quality infrastructure. Additionally, project bundling streamlines administrative processes, further enhancing project efficiency.

Establishing an On-Call Construction Consultants Program: By having experienced consultants available on demand, the County aims to enhance the overall quality and success rate of construction projects. Their insights contribute to better decision-making and problem-solving.

Interviewed for the video:

  • Laura Etre – Managing Member, Laura Li Industries
  • Hugh Greechan, P.E. – Department of Public Works/Transportation Commissioner
  • Nadia Savage, P.E. – Director of Construction, Department of Public Works/Transportation
  • John Cooney, Jr. – Executive Director, Construction Industry Council of Westchester & Hudson Valley