As tax season looms and residents across Westchester County settle their obligations, County residents are once again facing a large burden – the capping of SALT (State and Local Tax Deduction) at $10,000 by Federal officials in 2017. Despite ongoing efforts and advocacy, the burden remains significant, impacting hardworking families throughout Westchester.

Latimer said: “The SALT deduction cap continues to be a thorn in the side of Westchester residents. It's a disaster for our community, limiting our ability to fully deduct our state and local taxes, unfairly burdening homeowners and hindering economic growth.”

In the face of this challenge, Latimer has taken action to alleviate the strain on taxpayers by working to mitigate the impact of this policy through five consecutive years of either freezing or actually reducing the County portion of homeowner’s property tax bill.

Latimer added: “Here in Westchester, our Administration has provided some respite for County property owners by reducing the tax burden while still maintaining – and even expanding – top level services for our community.”

Latimer has also looked to ease the burden on taxpayers by using the resources available to the County Executive’s office and suspending Bee-Line Bus Fares during the summer and holiday seasons and suspending the collection of sales tax on home heating services.

As residents navigate through tax season, Latimer will continue to stand by Westchester residents, advocating for policies that promote financial stability and prosperity for all.