Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the Department of Human Resources unveiled a new video highlighting the rich tapestry of roles available throughout Westchester County Government, offering viewers a glimpse into a myriad of fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Latimer said: “From public safety and infrastructure to community services and administration, the video provides insights into the countless possibilities our local government offers for career growth and personal fulfillment across 25 departments. Westchester County Government is more than an office, it’s a vibrant community of diverse dedicated professionals – it’s an opportunity as fantastic as Westchester is itself.”

Westchester County Commissioner of Human Resources Lisa Denig, Esq. said: “Often overlooked, County employment offers a treasure trove of good, rewarding, and specialized jobs with great benefits that many don't consider, presenting hidden gems of professional fulfillment and career development waiting to be discovered in the heart of public service. Eager to make a meaningful change? Watch now and apply today.”

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