Following two summers of free fares, Latimer announces the second consecutive holiday season of suspended Bee-Line Bus fares

(White Plains, NY) – Westchester County Executive George Latimer once again taking action to ease the burden on Westchester residents’ wallets this holiday season as Bee-Line Bus fares will be suspended from December 16 until January 1, 2024. The fare suspension will also apply to the County’s ParaTransit system. This is the fourth time – and second consecutive holiday season – that Latimer has taken this action.

Latimer said: “In the spirit of the season, we are once again easing the financial strain on Westchester residents. Suspending Bee-Line Bus fares during the holidays is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the lives of those we serve, made possible through responsible fiscal management.”

During the Summer 2023 fare free program, average weekday ridership increased by about 22% compared to the weeks before that, while average ridership on weekends were closer to a 40% increase.

Commissioner of Public Works and Transportation Hugh Greechan said: “County Executive Latimer's strategic fiscal management has paved the way for initiatives that directly benefit our community. Suspending Bee-Line Bus fares is not just a seasonal gesture but rather a testament to our commitment to improving accessibility for our riders.”

The Bee-Line is Westchester County's bus system, with convenient service connecting residents to jobs, recreation, shopping and other regional transportation services. It is the second largest transit bus fleet in New York State, operated by the County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T).

Over 65% of all Westchester County residents are within walking distance of a Bee-Line bus route, making the bus both close and convenient. The system has over 3,300 bus stops and almost 60 routes. All Bee-Line buses are accessible, and designed with many accessibility features including “kneeling” buses, ramps and lifts.

Office for the Disabled Director Evan Latainer said: “This action greatly improves the lives of the residents our office is tasked with serving and we extend our sincere appreciation to County Executive Latimer for once again prioritizing the needs of our community. The temporary fare suspension significantly benefits those we serve, making transportation more inclusive and contributing to a joyous holiday season for all Westchester residents.”