Visitor spending demonstrated growth across all industry sectors

County Executive George Latimer is pleased to announce that Westchester County visitor spending reached $2 billion in 2022, following a challenging period for the tourism industry. The Tourism Economics report released by New York State (NYS) ESD shows Westchester represented 43% of all visitor spending in the Hudson Valley region, significantly contributing to New York State’s visitor volumes and spending that year.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Westchester’s travel and tourism remained a significant driver of the economy with visitor spending reaching $2.0 billion. This was driven by increases in Retail (+39%), Lodging (+27%) and Food & Beverage (+23).
  • Westchester County ranks fifth in visitor spending in all of New York State.
  • Westchester County saw a 99% recovery from the pandemic loss.
  • The County wages generated by visitors amounted to at $1.1 billion, the most significant in the region.
  • Local taxes (hotel occupancy, sales and property) and state taxes generated by the industry were $243.5 million. This represents $668 in local and state tax savings for every county household.

Westchester County Tourism & Film Director Natasha Caputo said: “In collaboration with our local partners, we were able to illuminate Westchester as a safe and attractive destination for visitors seeking an experience beyond the everyday. The 2022 results show that our tourism industry is helping Westchester County recover, is creating meaningful job opportunities for residents and is a vital part of our County’s prosperity.”

President of the Westchester Hotel Association Sean Meade said: “In the throes of the unimaginable, our hotel community rallied to rebound, to create a vibrant guest experience in Westchester County and to do our part to support the region’s tourism sector. There is work ahead as we look to draw important group business to Westchester, and the members of the Westchester Hotel Association are working in concert to grow that important element of Westchester County tourism.”