In response to the anticipated surge in passenger volume during the upcoming Thanksgiving travel season, Westchester County Airport (HPN) is taking proactive measures to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for all travelers. To address the seasonal demand for parking, HPN is temporarily repurposing existing space to create 60 parking spots, bringing the total number of parking spaces at HPN to 1,675. This temporary repurposing is not expansion and is not a permanent modification, but rather a necessary adaptation to meet the immediate needs of travelers during this peak travel period.

The temporary parking spaces will be located in two readily accessible areas: one adjacent to the long-term/overflow parking area and the other near the existing parking garage. These additional spaces will be operated by the parking garage vendor, and the revenue generated will be shared with Westchester County in accordance with the existing lease agreement.

HPN officials strongly encourage travelers to utilize online parking reservations to secure their parking spots in advance, especially during this high-demand period. Additionally, travelers should consider alternative transportation options, such as the SUNY Purchase shuttle service or general car services, to further reduce traffic congestion and enhance overall travel convenience.