George Latimer issued 26 executive orders between 2018 and 2023. Below are those issued in 2024.

    • 2/1/2024 -- Executive Order 1  Robert’s Rules of Order is the standard manual of codes and rules of ethics that govern discussions and decision-making in non-legislative organizations with boards of directors and committees. This framework helps Chairpersons have systematic, orderly, and goal-oriented meetings.
    • 2/12/2024 -- Executive Emergency Notice  Winter storm warning local state of emergency.
    • 2/28/2024 -- Executive Order 2  The County of Westchester provides equal opportunity to all individuals in its personnel and employment practices and maintains a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment or discrimination in compliance with Federal and New York State Human Rights laws and its own policies.
    • 3/27/2024 -- Executive Order 4  Creation of a Westchester County Gun Violence Task Force to advise the County Executive and the board of legislators.