For the first time in 11 years, Westchester County is assembling a comprehensive climate action plan to address the threat climate change poses to our communities and create a roadmap for sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions. Multiple programs, actions, and initiatives have already been completed while the plan is being written.

With a $100K grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Westchester County Climate Action Planning Institute (Westchester CAPI) will complete individualized local government operations Greenhouse Gas Inventories (GHGI) and Climate Action Plans (CAP) for each of the nine participating local governments: Westchester County; Villages of Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, Ossining, Pelham, Tarrytown; Town of Ossining; and Cities of Peekskill and White Plains. As lead applicant and project participant, Westchester County’s project team will include County staff and appointed members of its Climate Smart Communities Task Force. Each partner municipality will contribute a similar team. Upon Westchester CAPI’s completion, the County and partner municipalities will present their GHGIs and CAPs at a final working group meeting and to their respective environmental committees and elected officials. The Hudson Valley Regional Council as primary project partner, in conjunction with ICLEI staff, will guide participants in the development of their GHGIs and CAPs.

Westchester CAPI Goals

  1. Inform and educate Westchester CAPI participants on the purpose and benefits of GHGIs and CAPs
  2. Ensure that long-term capacity is developed at the staff and appointed volunteer level through a collaborative group learning structure
  3. Build long-term partnerships across municipalities and their staff/appointed volunteers
  4. Complete locally specific GHGIs and CAPs for each participating local government
  5. Facilitate implementation of near- and long-term high-impact GHG emissions reductions measures

Desired Outcomes

  1. Complete nine individual local government operations GHG Emissions Inventories and Climate Action Plans incorporating GHG emissions reductions plans.
  2. Develop successful climate change mitigation strategies.

Climate Action Plan: Inventory of Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions
In October, 2023, Westchester County completed the first major phase of the county government climate action plan, an Inventory of Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This inventory is a comprehensive evaluation of the estimated greenhouse gas emissions produced by the operations of Westchester County Government. Read the Greenhouse Gas Inventory to learn more.