The Westchester County Health Department has determined that six of the eight previously closed County beaches are safe to open, after follow up bacteria testing. Playland Beach and Surf Club Beach continue to be unsafe due to bacteria found in the water, which poses a threat to swimmers.

Health Department officials have already sent out a third water sample with the hopes of being able to open the two beaches in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend. Those results are expected late on Friday.

As of August 31, the following beaches remain closed:

  • Playland Beach
  • Surf Club Beach

As of August 31, the following beaches are cleared to open:

  • Rye Town Park Beach
  • Beach Point Club
  • Glen Island VIP Club
  • Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club
  • Davenport Beach Club
  • Greentree Club

The Westchester County Department of Health, Division of Environmental Health, issues permits for all regulated swimming beaches in Westchester County. All permitted beaches must adhere to the NYS Sanitary Code Subpart 6-2 (Bathing Beaches) and the Westchester County Sanitary Code. 

Beaches are sampled once a week for enterococcus bacteria. Beaches must meet the water quality standards and monitoring regulations. When levels exceed the state standard, beaches are closed and resampled until samples meet the standard.

Fluctuating bacteria levels in the water is normal, and may change based on rainfall and fluctuation in tides. The closures were the likely result of excessive rainfall, and discharge from storm water drains.