Over 6,000 Westchester Residents Voted During the Early Voting Period, Despite No Countywide Primary Election

(White Plains, NY) – Westchester County has proudly emerged as a trailblazer in civic engagement, with an exceptional display of voter participation during early voting. Despite the absence of a County primary, Westchester County achieved an impressive position as the 5th best county in New York State for early voting turnout – trailing only New York City. This remarkable achievement underscores the County's commitment to democracy and its residents' enthusiasm for exercising their right to vote.

County Executive George Latimer said: "The exceptional turnout during early voting highlights the collective commitment of our community to democracy. We are proud to rank among the top counties in New York State – and the largest share of the non-New York City vote - showcasing our residents' dedication to civic engagement. I commend every individual who exercised their right to vote early and encourage even greater participation in future elections."

Early voting has become an essential component of the democratic process, offering citizens the opportunity to cast their ballots ahead of Election Day. Westchester County has consistently championed this progressive approach to voting, providing its residents with convenient and accessible options to exercise their franchise.

Despite not having a Countywide primary, Westchester County has proven that its citizens are not only politically conscious but also eager to have their voices heard. This achievement reflects the success of the county's robust efforts to promote and facilitate early voting, empowering residents to participate in the democratic process at their convenience.