On Monday, May 1, 2023, all Westchester County Government email addresses will transition from “@WestchesterGov.com” to “@WestchesterCountyNY.gov.” With the growing prevalence of fake websites and fraudulent emails, Westchester County Government is sending a clear message that the County is an official, trusted and authentic source of information. Unlike other email domains, “.Gov” email addresses are reserved strictly for government organizations and publicly controlled entities, ensuring that only those with genuine authority can use them.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “Your email address is part of your identity. More often than not, it contains parts of your name, the organization where you work – it is connected to the real you. It is more important now than ever that our constituents have confidence in the authenticity of who we are at Westchester County Government, and this change all comes down to greater online security, and trust.”

All saved links and “@WestchesterGov.com” email addresses will continue to work for the time being, and when employees respond via email it will automatically be sent from their new, “@WestchesterCountyNY.gov” email address.

The logo for Westchester County Government will also have to change, as the current logo is an image of the webpage URL. Westchester County Government will be using an interim logo in the meantime that will switch from “WestchesterGov.com” to “WestchesterCounty,” with the style and colors remaining the same.

The new email domain has been tested for the past six months by the Westchester County Departments of Information Technology, Public Safety and the Board of Elections.