Watch full briefing on YouTube.

Upon being sworn-in as Westchester County Executive in 2018, Westchester County Executive George Latimer had a host of priorities he wanted to tackle. Looking back after five full years, with three remaining on his second elected term, Latimer has released a video highlighting the accomplishments of his Administration on behalf of the people of Westchester to date and outlines the road ahead.

Watch the video on YouTube.

During the video, Latimer touts his Administration’s record on cutting taxes, stabilizing the County’s fiscal standing and bond rating, the County’s physical improvements such as infrastructure rebuilding, the completion of the Miller House, New New Rochelle Family Court and Memorial Field, legislation advancing Westchester’s shared value and steady leadership during COVID-19.

In the video, Latimer explains the importance he places on his time working to reestablish a connection to tradition in this County of bi-partisan valuation of the County’s assets and ensuring that his Administration are good stewards of the County they were elected to serve on behalf of the over one million residents who call Westchester home.