Just in time for the holiday season, free Bee-Line Bus fares return from Nov. 19 through Nov. 27, and Dec. 7 through Dec. 26.

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Latimer said: “This holiday season, we want people to visit with family and friends, and we want them to shop and go to work with ease. Leave the driving to us, and save some money this holiday season. From Yorktown to Yonkers, we have a robust system that can get you where you need to go. Now is a perfect time to try out the Bee-Line system if you haven’t already. We take great pride in the fact that our buses are safe, clean and accessible.”

This past summer, the County offered free Bee-Line bus rides and the system experienced a 37 percent increase in ridership during the three-month period of June, July and Aug., compared to the prior three-month period in March, April and May.

Latimer said: “The benefit we are providing to the traveling public is about $2.6 million if we see the same level of increase during Thanksgiving week, and the holiday shopping period in Dec.”

The Bee-Line Bus System offers a cleaner, greener, more cost-effective way for residents to travel the County. The promotion is valid on all routes in the fixed route bus system, including the express route into Manhattan, the BxM4C. Free rides are also valid on the Bee-Line ParaTransit system.

Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Public Works & Transportation Hugh Greechan said: “We’ve made a lot of recent improvements to our Bee-Line bus fleet including the addition of 106 brand new 40-foot hybrid/electric buses. This is the perfect opportunity for Westchester residents to leave your cars at home, and take a free ride on one of our clean, comfortable state-of-the-art buses.”

Director of the Office for People with Disabilities Evan Latainer said: “County Executive Latimer is once again providing our ParaTransit ridership the opportunity to travel the Bee Line ParaTransit system free of charge during this upcoming holiday season. This will once again provide our ridership with great savings during this time period to go out and about Westchester County at no cost. Riders should take pleasure in traveling for work, recreation and other needs during this time period.”

For more information about the free rides program call (914) 813-7777. An information agent is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Bee-Line is Westchester County's bus system, serving over 27 million passengers annually with convenient service connecting residents to jobs, recreation, shopping and other regional transportation services. It is the second largest transit bus fleet in New York State, operated by the County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T).

Over 65 percent of all Westchester County residents are within walking distance of a Bee-Line bus route, making the bus both close and convenient. The system has over 3,300 bus stops and almost 60 routes. All Bee-Line buses are accessible, and designed with many accessibility features including “kneeling” buses, ramps and lifts.