Westchester County Executive George Latimer has proposed a $6 million dollar cut to the County property tax levy in a preview of his 2023 proposed Operating Budget. This is the fourth County property tax cut in a row presented by Latimer as County Executive.

Latimer said: “These are hard times for many families who are facing the day-to-day reality of inflation. I am proud of this budget and proud that through smart and innovative budgeting we have been able to cut taxes responsibly again and provide needed services to County residents. This is what honest and fair governing is, that is who we are as an administration. I promised you over 5 years ago that I would do right by the people of Westchester County – and that is exactly what we have done.”

Additionally, Latimer announced that Westchester will be closing 2022 with projected $65.9 million operating surplus. And that in the 2023 budget there will be:

  • No borrowing for tax certs
  • No borrowing for pension
  • No use of fund balance

Latimer said: “The 2023 Budget reflects a continued commitment to programs that meet the needs of Westchester County residents.”

Earlier this week, ensuring residents aren’t left out in the cold, and can save some much needed dollars during the Winter months, Latimer announced a suspension of sales tax on home energy costs. The exemption will run from Dec. 1 to Feb. 28. The sales tax suspension covers home heating oil, propane, natural gas, electric, coal and wood for residential heating purposes and covers homeowners as well as rental units. The initiative is administered by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance; the vendors will not be assessing sales tax as directed by the State.

Latimer’s full proposed operating budget will be released Nov. 10 at 11:30 a.m.