In honor of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is highlighting the critical services provided by the Office for People with Disabilities. The Office for People with Disabilities, which acts as a clearinghouse of information for people with disabilities, their families and advocates, places a special focus on connecting residents with the services they need. Through educational programs and awareness efforts, resource guides, and employment and transportation assistance, the Office for People with Disabilities is ensuring all residents have full and equal access to everything in Westchester County.

Learn more about the Disability Awareness Program

Latimer said: “The ADA is one of our nation’s most crucial pieces of legislation that prohibits discrimination, and guarantees people with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities in life. Our Office for People with Disabilities ensures all entities in Westchester maintain compliance with our State and Federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on disability. We want everyone in Westchester to know they are welcome here – they will not be defined by their disability. I thank the Office for People with Disabilities for their efforts today, and every day, in working to make sure Westchester County is a safe and accessible place for all.”

Director of the Office for People with Disabilities Evan Latainer said: “It is an honor to serve as the Director for this office under County Executive George Latimer. Our mission is to represent the disabled community here in Westchester County ensuring that they receive the services they all are entitled to. Through County Executive Latimer we continue on this mission with the creation of our new Council for People with Disabilities that will provide guidance to this office and the administration. We look forward to advocating for the disabled in Westchester.”

One of the keystone programs for the Office for People with Disabilities is the Disability Awareness Program, which has been provided for 16 years. The Disability Awareness Program details a day in the life of an individual with disabilities, and is available to all school districts, colleges, graduate schools and camps in Westchester County.

Other areas of focus for the Office for People with Disabilities include:

  • ADA Coordinator – The Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities works directly with residents to ensure they have full equal access to all businesses and facilities, accessible parking, access to fair housing and reasonable accommodations in an employment.

Disability Resource Guide – The Disability Resource Guide is a one-stop-shop of services and programs available in Westchester County, categorized by disability or disability service that align with your needs.

Westchester Employment Network – The Westchester Employment Network is a connective service between employers and people with disabilities providing them vocational services and employment opportunities.

Bee-Line ParaTransit – Bee-Line ParaTransit is a shared transportation, curb-to-curb, origin-to-destination service available to people with disabilities in Westchester County.

B.E.A.T. Plus “Be Educated About Transit” – This program brings hands-on travel skills into special education life skills classrooms. It teaches students the skills needed to ride public transportation in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Reduced Fare Service for the Bee-Line Bus – People with disabilities may travel the Bee-Line Bus system at a reduced fare in conjunction with the Metro Card Reduced Fare System.

Sign Language Interpreting - Those in need of a sign language interpreter can call the Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities for referral and advocacy services.

Annual events for the Office for People with Disabilities include:

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) – October celebrates the many successes of people with disabilities who are employed.
  • The Miracle League of Westchester – A baseball league for children and adults with disabilities located at Miracle League Field at Ridge Road Park in Hartsdale.
  • A Day at Playland for People with Disabilities – A special day in July for individuals with disabilities and their families to enjoy free rides and entertainment at Playland.

For more information and a complete list of resources please visit the Office for People with Disabilities website.