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During his weekly Westchester briefing, Latimer discussed:

  • Guest: Cortlandt Town Supervisor Dr. Richard Becker
  • Director of Economic Development Bridget Gibbons joined to discuss upcoming Transportation Job Fair
  • Director of Operations Joan McDonald joined to discuss measure the County is taking to lower costs and fight inflation on the County level
  • COVID update

As costs nationwide continue to rise, County Executive George Latimer is pleased to announced measures taken by the County to ease the burden facing County residents’ wallets.

These actions include:

  • Funding for Feeding Westchester: Increasing funding to Feeding Westchester by $700,000, which doubles what is included in the 2022 budget and covers the increased cost of food and fuel.
    • Feeding Westchester has experienced an increase this year to $0.71 per pound across the foods they provide, compared to $0.60 per pound last year. Overall, they are seeing an 18% year over year increase in food costs. The additional $700,000 for Feeding Westchester will enable them to support 883,838 people. In addition, the average food package provided by a food pantry has a value of approximately $60 saving a family $240/month.
  • Free Commuter Parking: Westchester County will be providing free parking at the North White Plains Commuter Lot and the County Center parking lot from July 1 – August 31.
  • Sales Tax: Westchester County has the ability to lower/eliminate the sales tax on residential energy on a quarterly basis, September 1 or December 1. The County needs to adopt a local law and notify NYS Tax and Finance 90 days ahead of implementation. The County is proposing eliminating the sales tax for the quarter beginning December 1. This time period would cover the start of the heating season. The sales tax elimination covers home heating oil, propane, natural gas, electric, coal, and wood for residential heating purposes. It covers homeowners as well as rental units. Renters or landlords would be eligible depending on the structure of the unit’s heat and electric use.
  • Civil Service Exams: The County will waive the fees for civil service exams through December 31.
  • County Pool Fees: The County will be waiving fees at our County pools Monday through Thursday starting July 5 through August 31. Residency rules apply.