Register for the Westchester Works Child Care Scholarship Webinar. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is encouraging employers to sign up for a virtual webinar aimed at educating them about childcare options for employees after announcing the Westchester Works Child Care Scholarship last month.

Latimer said: “Access to affordable childcare is essential in this society. We set aside 38.9 million dollars in this budget for childcare subsidiaries, allowing us to increase the income cap for scholarships to help people pay for childcare. We want as many employers as possible to know about this, so people can feel comfortable returning to work, knowing their children are being cared for without the weight of worrying how to pay for it.”

You are eligible if you earn up to:

  • $60,674 for a family of 2
  • $74,950 for a family of 3
  • $89,226 for a family of 4

The webinar is being put together in partnership with the Westchester County Office of Economic Development, The Business Council of Westchester, The Childcare Council of Westchester and The Westchester County Association. It is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 at 9 a.m.

Westchester County Office of Economic Development Director Bridget Gibbons said: “This webinar is another way of announcing this program to a broad audience, so we can get more people to take advantage. With more families eligible, this will in turn help us to continue to build our workforce and our economy.”

Business Council of Westchester Executive Vice President and COO John Ravitz said: “The pandemic has highlighted the direct link between access to child care and people getting back to work. Engaging the business community and government to play a more  pro-active role in creating more child care availability  in Westchester County has been one of the BCW’s top legislative priorities.”

Childcare Council of Westchester Executive Director Kathy Halas said: “We are so excited to introduce this new resource to area employers at the up-coming webinar on May 10 and 11. The cost of child care is a big problem for so many parents, creating all kinds of workforce challenges. The Westchester Works Child Care Scholarship Program, new this year, can solve many of those problems. Employers can simply connect their workers to our team at the Child Care Council of Westchester, and we’ll take it from there.”

Westchester County Association President and CEO Michael N. Romita said: “Our economy need a stable system of childcare to thrive. It’s not just a family issue. It’s a business issue. For employers, it affects how we find, hire, and retain our workforce. For employees, it affects how, when, and where we work. The Westchester Works Childcare Scholarship program, administered by the Childcare Council of Westchester, is part of the County’s historic investment in growing our workforce. I hope you will tune in to hear more about the program and why this issue is so important to our businesses.”