Continuing a line of projects aimed to improve infrastructure of vital County facilities, County Executive George Latimer is announcing a $6M project rehabbing the Mamaroneck Outfall Jetty to protect the Mamaroneck WRRF outfalls against erosion damage and future storm surges.

Latimer said: “Keeping in line with my Administration’s philosophy of fixing things that are broken, this project aims to repair this important piece of infrastructure to provide increased safety and increased protection against future climate change induced storms.”

The Mamaroneck Outfall Jetty rehabilitation project work includes installation of new steel sheeting in front of the existing deteriorated steel bulkhead, placing concrete between the two sheeting bulkheads, placement of stone rip-rap in front of the new steel sheeting (for protection and to promote marine habitat) and improvements to the walkway on top of the jetty.

DEF Commissioner Vincent Kopicki said: “The Department of Environmental Facilities is home to some of the least mentioned yet most used County infrastructure. This line of rehabilitation projects will better allow us to do the important daily tasks we are charged with on behalf of Westchester residents.”

The existing steel sheeting at the outfall jetty in Mamaroneck is over 25 years old and has developed holes and weak areas. Notable, the pedestrian walkway on top of the jetty is deteriorating, creating health and safety concerns.  This project, which was closely coordinated with the Village of Mamaroneck, will fund the rehabilitation of the jetty bulkhead which provides protection for two outfalls from the Mamaroneck WWRF.