Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced the first time the County has marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day with five yellow panels across the Westchester County Center in White Plains.

Press conference

Latimer said: “It’s important to know the horrors inflicted in the Holocaust, which have been well-documented, must never be forgotten. This story must be told from generation to generation so we never repeat the acceptance of hatred and genocide. We must make sure this never happens again.”

Executive Director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center Millie Jasper said: “This is so important to bring awareness and we are grateful to the County Executive for supporting proper Holocaust education in Westchester County.”

CEO of the Westchester Jewish Council Elliot Forchheimer said: “We say never again. Never again may the atrocities of the Holocaust be tolerated. Never again, not here, not there, not anywhere and not in our great County of Westchester.”

Other locations across New York State in yellow include Niagara Falls, Mario Cuomo Bridge and One World Trade Center.