Group of people standing behind podium

Bikers and joggers now have a continuous 11.2-mile path to use along the Bronx River Pathway as the link from Scarsdale to Hartsdale is now complete.

Years of planning went into this $6.7-million capital project and construction began in 2019. The planning process included an initial survey and analysis, design and preparation of bid documents, environmental review, project outreach and presentations, construction and construction inspection and supervision.

The 1.6-mile link required very long stretches of retaining walls, which were built out of native stone. Utilizing materials that are native to the area is important to preserving our environment. In addition to the native stone, native trees and plants were used along the pathway, including over 110 trees, more than 450 shrubs, over 14,000 perennials and over 5,000 square yards of meadow, all making for a beautiful recreational pathway for everyone to enjoy.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said, “Completing the link on the Bronx River Pathway is another example of updating something we already have. The trailways have always provided recreational use to our residents and with the link and new beautiful plantings, users will be able to break a sweat while taking in the beauty that is the Bronx River Reservation.”

Westchester County Parks Commissioner Kathy O’Connor said, “Our trailways are our most utilized facilities within our entire parks system and having this link completed gives users more ground to get their uninterrupted miles in.”

An additional capital project is in the works to link the one mile Oak Street Loop to the remainder of the pathway to complete the entire Bronx River Pathway.