What if I already received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

There is no cause for alarm. This is a safety measure out of an abundance of caution. Be aware of any unusual symptoms, just as you should after any vaccine or new medication.

What if I already have an appointment for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

There is no cause to cancel your appointment. Keep your appointment unless you are contacted to reschedule. The other two Covid-19 vaccines are still approved. When possible the vaccine provider will substitute with them or reschedule your appointment.

What if I received or have an appointment for one of the other vaccines?

There is no cause for alarm. The Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines are fully safe for use. There is no need to change your appointment.

What if I think I have a reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine – Johnson & Johnson or other?

For non-critical illness or discomfort, discuss your symptoms with your health care provider. Mention the date you were vaccinated and the brand if you know it. Be sure to list all symptoms you have having. If you believe you are having serious symptoms, seek immediate medical care, whether or not you think they might be related to the vaccine.

Federal health authorities monitor reports of all symptoms and illnesses that occur after vaccination whether caused by the vaccine or not, or if the cause is uncertain. You or your provider can report the event online. If you need further assistance, please email  or call 1-800-822-7967.

What happens next?

We have suspended any use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine until federal authorities announce its use can resume. We are closely monitoring new information as it becomes available. The CDC has scheduled a meeting of its expert advisory committee Wednesday, April 14.