“Since I took office in January of 2018, I made clear my Administration’s belief that fair and affordable housing in Westchester County had reached a crisis point and it was imperative we took strides to further advance its availability. After over a decade, I am pleased that the monitor federally appointed to ensure the County’s compliance with the 2009 HUD settlement has said the same in his latest court mandated report.

“This has been a long journey, but the monitor’s findings that the County has met requirements not just to actually build more affordable units but rather advance the promulgation of affordable housing county-wide can begin to put this saga behind us.

“With our 2019 Housing Needs Assessment in hand, my Administration still remains committed to building, incentivizing and promoting affordable housing – and working with the County’s towns, cities and villages to do the same. Not because we are required to, but because it is the right and necessary thing to do on behalf of the people who call Westchester home.”

The monitor’s full report was to Judge Denise Cote for her review and filed in court.