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County Executive George Latimer signed into law and formally created the Westchester County LGBTQ Advisory Board with Board President Christopher Oldi and The LOFT: LGBTQ+ Community Center Executive Director Judy Troilo.

Latimer said: “The LGBTQ Advisory Board is a dynamic group of people whose recommendations have made a positive impact on our County. I was proud to stand with the LGBTQ Advisory Board and community to ban conversion therapy in October of 2018, and to raise the Pride Flag for the first time at the Michaelian Office Building in June of 2019. I look forward to continuing our work together.” 

Early in his administration, Latimer revitalized the board, appointing 14 members of diverse backgrounds and experiences to facilitate the development of inclusion, diversity and pride in queer identity.

Oldi said: “The LGBTQ Advisory Board is so thankful to County Executive George Latimer and the Westchester County Board of Legislators. The Advisory Board is committed to advising the County Executive, the Board of Legislators and the various County agencies and departments on issues related to the diversity of the LGBTQ communities within Westchester County. The Board is thrilled to become part of the legislative fabric of Westchester County and will continue to use all of our efforts to facilitate the development of inclusion, diversity, and pride for all Westchester County LGBTQ+ communities and ensure that the voices of LGBTQ+ persons are heard.”

Troilo said: “We are proud of Westchester County’s affirming recognition of our community through the ratification of the LGBTQ Advisory Board. CE Latimer proves again to be a true LGBTQ+ Ally.”

Moving forward, the Board will consist of nine to fourteen Westchester County residents appointed by the County Executive and approved by the Board of Legislators. They will provide advice on issues related to the LGBTQ communities and make recommendations of policies, legislation or services to improve opportunities for all people.