Following the news of a positive Covid-19 test from a member of the Board of Legislators, County Executive George Latimer has postponed his 2020 State of the County Address scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 8 at 7p.m.

Latimer said: “Unlike what we have seen out of officials in Washington, D.C., here in Westchester we believe in science, we believe in medicine and we believe in trusting their years of experience-based guidance. While it is disappointing, it is the safe and prudent move to postpone this speech.”

Latimer, who was tested today for Covid-19, is awaiting his results. If Latimer tests positive he will enter isolation for 14 days, as required by the CDC and health professionals.

The County Department of Health is advising anyone who attended the Virtual Italian Heritage Flag Raising Event at the County Office Building last week to contact their doctor or the Health Department to discuss testing.

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