Latimer announces 400 daily antiobdy tests for Westchester first responders beginning May 4, 2020.

You may also go to YouTube to watch the full briefing.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is facilitating 400 Covid-19 Antibody tests a day for all Westchester First Responder. The testing, conducted in partnership with Westchester Medical Center, began today at the Westchester County Center.

Latimer said: “We specifically want our first responders to first get this antibody testing. These are the ones we need to have healthy and on the job. If we have significant vacancies, we can’t provide the services we need to provide.”

The County Center, under the direction of the New York State Department of Health and the Army Corps of Engineers, has been retrofitted with medical capabilities to combat any potential spike in cases.

Testing will beginning with the County’s Departments of Public Safety, Emergency Services, Health, Corrections and Probation. Following these tests, the County will work with local city, town and village police, fire and EMS workers to test them for antibodies. This testing also allows for the donation of blood plasma that may assist in the fight against the virus.

The results of this testing do not guarantee immunity. Even if results show positive for antibodies, the person still must follow public health protocols such as wearing mask, social distance, hand washing. The presence of antibodies only indicates there was exposure to the virus. It is not known whether antibodies guarantee any level of immunity (total, partial, none) or for how long (days, weeks, permanent). Similar to a cold or the flu, individuals can still get a recurrence even after recovery.