Westchester County Executive George Latimer is pleased Governor Andrew Cuomo has awarded the County $3 million toward the procurement of clean fuel hybrid-electric buses. 

Latimer said: “Thank you to Governor Cuomo for recognizing the need here in Westchester County to provide safe, clean and green transportation.  This money will go a long way to furthering the electrification of our fleet.”

Federated Conservationists of Westchester County Program Director Anne Jaffe Holmes said: “With many of our members throughout Westchester County---especially students---dependent on Beeline buses for transportation, the support for new electric buses addresses an ever-increasing need for affordable public transportation.  The health problems and economic challenges associated with poor air quality in urban communities will be immediately and measurably alleviated with the addition of electric buses.”

Director of Energy Conservation and Sustainability Pete McCartt said: “This funding will help as we further electrify our fleet, doing our part to reducing our carbon footprint by mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions. We are on track to have our entire transit bus fleet running on either electric or electric-hybrid by 2025.”

Early in his administration, Latimer announced that the County’s Bee-Line Bus fleet would be expanding with 78 hybrid-electric 60 foot buses, 106 hybrid-electric 40 foot buses and 2 full electric busses.  The clean hybrid-electric buses and the full electric busses have been credited with already saving the County over 1 million gallons of fuel, while preventing 18,400 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from polluting the environment.

Cuomo’s announcement on Westchester County today is part of a larger announcement where Cuomo designated $14.2 million in new State funding to 13 counties, cities, and regional authorities to modernize and enhance municipally sponsored public transportation services. This State-funded initiative, which is part of a larger $435 million five-year commitment to Upstate and Downstate Suburban services, will enhance consumer convenience through the modernization of shelters; deployment of new contactless fare collection systems; and procurement of new accessible clean-fuel vehicles.