LatimerTocciVetsMtKiscoAugust 14, 2019 – Committed to going out to the people and communities they serve, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, County Veterans Service Agency Director Ron Tocci and Legislator Kitley Covill visited the Mount Kisco American Legion Hall as part of the County’s community outreach to ensure vets are getting the services and benefits they are due.

Latimer said: “In Westchester County, many veterans are eligible for services they may not even know exist. While veterans are always welcome to the main office in White Plains, we know that logistically this may not always be possible. That is why our Veterans Service Agency is committed to going out into the community to meet vets where they are.”

Tocci said: “Our office is committed to reaching every veteran in Westchester County that needs or wants our help. We want all who served so bravely to know that we have their back and are here to assist in any way they need. Creating more opportunities to bring these services to our local veterans will increase their utilization of them.”

Covill said: “Our veterans in Westchester County served us and I am happy to have some local resources available in my district to help veterans obtain the benefits they earned. The veterans who will be available on Wednesday know how the systems in the VA work and will navigate the application process or help local veterans efficiently and on the spot. I look forward to meeting many of them.”

This Veterans Service Agency “office on the road” effort is a part of a larger initiative aimed at ensuring Westchester’s veterans better know what benefits they are eligible for. In April, the agency hosted a “Veterans Open House and Resource Fair” at Concordia College with other stops to be announced.

Furthering these efforts, veterans on long-term Medicaid will be receiving a letter outlining how the County is best able advocate for their needs.  The Westchester County Veterans Service Agency employs accredited representatives who are authorized to advocate on veterans behalf in front of the Veterans Administration, further expediting any applications and ensuring that the VA is informed of the exact nature of their case. These representatives are also empowered to file and support any appeals necessary to the case.