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LatimerCampKidsDragonatorJuly 24, 2019 – After 409 submissions from the public, County Executive George Latimer was joined by 1st through 6th grade children attending the County’s Nature Camp at Cranberry Lake Preserve to choose the name for Playland Park’s first new ride in over a decade.

From the five finalists, the campers overwhelmingly chose “Dragonator” for this exciting new attraction.

Latimer said: “Last month, I asked the people of Westchester to submit their name ideas – and we received 409 submissions. While some were nutty - like Ridey McRideface and I-95 - most were fun. But what makes ‘Dragonator’ so special is that the final name was chosen by children of this County – which is who Playland is all about.”

The name was submitted by Mount Pleasant resident Larry Gottlieb. Gottlieb said: “As a lifelong Westchester resident having spent many hours at Playland with family and friends, it’s a truly unique honor to name a ride that will hopefully bring joy to thousands of park attendees for years to come. Long live the Dragonator!”