January 7, 2019 -- “It’s unfortunate that TSA workers are being used as political pawns.  I had a chance to speak with TSA workers at the Westchester County Airport, and they show great attention to detail to make sure we are safe. They work hard for us, and I want them to know that Westchester County supports them. County Government can’t do much in this situation, but we can be supportive, along with a thank you and a handshake. We have also given them food vouchers here at the Airport [$15.00].  

“I’ve served at the state level of government where we have had late budgets.  Late budgets in Albany mean that Legislators don’t get paid.  In 2010, my salary was withheld from April 1 to August 3, and while I did get it paid retroactively I still had to make monthly payments which required me to dip into my savings.  On a human being level, people like these TSA workers who work for the federal government shouldn’t have to suffer.  

“I want them to know we value the work they do and we thank them.  The County will continue to be supportive of these workers until this comes to an end.”

George Latimer, Westchester County Executive