TocciScoutsLatimerNovember 11, 2018 – Westchester County Executive George Latimer continued his efforts to honor veterans during the month of November with an event hosted with the Westchester County Veterans Service Agency, Westchester Community College Student Veterans Club and local Boys and Girls Scout troops.

The event included opening remarks from Latimer, County Veterans Service Agency Director Ron Tocci and Westchester Community College Veterans Program Administrator &

Conduct Officer Joshua Gaccione. Following these heartfelt remarks, Latimer narrated the history of every flag used by the United States in our history as Boys and Girls Scouts presented each flag and displayed it on stage.  

Latimer said: “The history of each flag used by our great nation is nearly as rich as the history of our nation itself. From the “Pine Tree flag” to the fifty stars and thirteen stripes we use today – Americans have proudly flown our colors as a sign on unity. I am proud to have been a part of honoring this great tradition at this event.”

Tocci said: “In light of Veterans Day it is important for Americans to understand and know the history of the American Flag. For me as an Army veteran, the flag embodies all I fought for and I believe the flag should be respected. Westchester County is proud of our work on behalf of veterans in our community. This event was another opportunity for us to honor them and make sure they know how committed we are to supporting them and remembering all they did for our country.”

This is a part of a series of events County Executive Latimer is hosting to honor veterans during November – included events honoring the 50th anniversary of the mining of the USS Westchester and new “History of the Flag” displays in County facilities.

Latimer concluded: “Veterans Day is just a singular holiday where Americans are asked to reflect upon and honor those who fought to protect us. It is my goal to work not just this month, but every day, to honor these heroes.”