October 22, 2018 -- For the month of November, the Westchester County Department of Social Services (DSS) will be hosting “Pay it Off,” a program designed to help noncustodial parents reduce significant child support debt permanently owed to DSS. During the month of November, if a noncustodial parent makes a payment of $500 or more, DSS has agreed to match that payment. If a parent has made their child support payments consistently and in full for the last six months, that parents may qualify for an additional payment match.

Commissioner of the Department of Social Services Kevin McGuire said: “Child Support is vital to child, family and community well-being. The Pay It Off program encourages more than 2,000 non-respondent parents in Westchester County to participate in this New York State and Westchester County partnership to match payments owed to DSS, and further support themselves and their families.  By participating in the program, they can more quickly reduce their debt, improve relationships with their children and promote self-sufficiency.  In 2017, the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) was able to successfully collect more than $130,000 through this program.”

To participate in “Pay it Off,” a parent must make a payment of at least $500 toward their Child Support debt. Payments must be made in person at the Westchester County DSS Office of Child Support Enforcement, located at 100 E. First Street, 5th Floor in Mount Vernon. Payments can be made at any time Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Certified or personal check, money order or cash will be accepted.

For more information on “Pay it Off,” call (914) 813-6294. The program expires on November 30, 2018.