September 27, 2018 -- Recognizing the importance of preserving native plants that have historical and cultural ties to Westchester County’s original identity, County Executive George Latimer signed Executive Order 10 to protect the County’s natural ecosystems and environmental health. The Executive Order asks that all members of the County’s departments, boards, agencies and commissions help to maintain our County’s innate plant life, and prevent invasive, non-native plants from threatening our local environment.

Read the Executive Order.

Latimer said: “Not only do native plants enhance the beauty of our landscape and help maintain our County’s heritage, we know they are able to thrive in our environment from their rich history. Native plants attract native pollinators, butterflies and birds, and provide habitat for our natural organisms. It is my hope that this Executive Order will promote public awareness and education, and serve as a catalyst for the general public to use our native plants in private and commercial landscaping. This policy was first advanced by County Executive Andy Spano and it is as valuable and necessary today as it was when originally issued.”

The Executive Order asks that native plants to Westchester County be used exclusively in our County parks, public areas, gardens, roadsides and other County properties and facilities. Installation of plant species that are noted to be invasive are strictly prohibited.

The Executive Order takes effect immediately.