July 6, 2018 -- Westchester County employees are signing on the Green Westchester Pledge, vowing to make the County a bit more environmentally friendly in celebration of the 4th of July. 

Click here to see video on Green Westchester Pledge.

The Green Westchester Pledge was signed by County Executive George Latimer and his executive team (34 people in total) in the days leading up to July4th. The pledge was created after it was noticed the amount of waste the executive floor was creating by using disposable glasses, coffee stirrers, coffee cups, plates and utensils.  As part of the greening of the 9th floor the executive team has purchased reusable glasses, coffee cups, utensils, straws, plates and dish soap. Those who sign the pledge get a certificate to proudly display in their office and a goodie bag (a reusable one) that contained seeds, a reusable New York Liberty water bottle, and reusable straws.

Latimer, sipping coffee out of a ceramic mug, said: “The Green Westchester Pledge commits me on a personal level to take steps that are realistic and easy, but steps that will go a long way to helping the environment. We have to move away from doing things that are just convenient and think about the long term consequences.  I’m happy to take this pledge and I encourage others to do the same.”

Director of Energy Conservation and Sustainability Peter McCartt said: “This is the first step to becoming Certified by the Green Business Partnership of which we are a proud sponsor and contributing partner.  Next up we will be initiating a green procurement policy and doing an energy assessment to create better efficiencies, moving us toward independence from fossil fuels. We here on the 9th floor are looking to do our part for Mother Earth and to lead by example.”

Those who sign the pledge promise to minimize their carbon foot print by remembering that they share this patch of land with animals, trees, mountains, rivers, lakes and ponds, making environmentally sound choices to protect those natural resources for future generations.  In the pledge they specifically promise to: 

  • Recycle paper, bottles, cans, plastic, tin, cartons and clear plastic

  • Avoid using the disposable cups for coffee and water

  • Use a reusable mug and glassware

  • Use silverware and limit use of plastic utensils

  • Use a reusable water bottle

  • Use reusable straws

  • Reduce lighting when daylight is sufficient

  • Turn off my office lights when leaving

  • Consider the environment before printing – by using a double-sided mode and small margins

  • Limit personal space heaters

  • Utilize power strips and turn them off when not being used

  • Shut down personal computer at night and especially on weekends

  • Use a reusable shopping bag

  • Think about the environment when making a purchase

  • Utilize mass transit or carpool to work and meetings when possible

Other companies and individuals who wish to also sign the contract are encouraged to do so.  Contract and certificate attached.