May 11, 2018 -- Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities are proud to announce the County achieved a 50 percent recycling rate in 2017. This rate matches the County’s recycling performance for 2016, ensuring that Westchester continues to perform at the top in all environmental management performance measures.  The County’s 50 percent recycling rate is even more impressive when compared to the national recycling rate of only 34.6 percent. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “Westchester County’s recycling rate has stood well above the Environmental Protection Agency’s national goal for years. One way that all County residents can contribute to improving our environment is through waste reduction and recycling. These rates are a testament to Westchester County’s commitment, and we can always do better.”

Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Facilities Louis Vetrone said: “We are thrilled with the continued reduction in waste generation. Waste reduction is one of the highest priorities in municipal environmental management, and these statistics are a reflection on the recycling programs and educational initiatives offered by Westchester County and its municipalities.”

Westchester County also reduced the amount of residential garbage it disposed of in 2017 by almost 6,000 tons compared to 2016, continuing an impressive trend.  Since 2005, Westchester County has reduced the amount of residential garbage by a whopping 30 percent. 

Reducing waste and recycling are not only good for the environment, they save money.  It cost the County over $91 to dispose of a ton of garbage, which means the 6,000 tons in waste reduction saved the County over $540,000. Additionally, the County markets and sells the recyclables that it collects.  In 2017, the County generated almost $6 million in revenue from the sale of recyclables. 

Westchester was able to achieve its high recycling rate with the help of the robust municipal recycling programs in place throughout the County. Westchester’s recycling rate includes a wide variety of materials collected and diverted from the solid waste stream beyond cans, bottles and paper collected curb-side. The percentage also accounts for roadway millings, large bulk metals, construction debris and composted organic waste. 

The highest curb-side recycling rates for local municipalities in 2017 are as follows: 

  • Bedford (35%)

  • Lewisboro (33%)

  • City of Rye (30%)

  • Bronxville (29%)

  • Somers (29%)

Westchester County’s 2017 recycling performance demonstrates why Westchester is considered a regional leader in environmental management.