Groundbreaking tech startups pitched to investors, strategic advisors and fellow entrepreneurs

The Element 46 Tech Accelerator Powered by Cela Innovation, Westchester County’s full-scale startup accelerator program, hosted a Demo Day to celebrate the accomplishments of its 2024 spring cohort. The event was held on June 13 and was attended by a carefully curated group of more than 100 investors, experienced entrepreneurs, press and mentors, while featuring pitches from some of Westchester County’s most groundbreaking tech startups. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “The ventures pitched at Demo Day embody the ingenuity, industry-leading standards and creative problem-solving that Westchester County is known for. We are proud to provide free education and mentorship to enterprising tech startups and congratulate this group of Element 46 Tech Accelerator graduates on their growth and success.”

Westchester County Director of Economic Development Bridget Gibbons said: “The entrepreneurs who participated in this cohort of the Element 46 Tech Accelerator are innovating products and services that solve problems, improve processes and strengthen communities. We look forward to witnessing the continued achievements of these ambitious individuals and novel ventures.”

Westchester County Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Deborah Novick said: “The Element 46 Tech Accelerator continues to advance the exciting work of talented entrepreneurs and enterprising startups who are diversifying and strengthening our local ecosystem. We are tremendously proud of what this cohort has accomplished and wish them continued success.”

Cela Innovation CEO and Co-Founder John Lynn said: “The Element 46 Tech Accelerator has become the hub for top-tier entrepreneurial activity in Westchester. Several ventures have raised over $1 million in the last 6-months, and more than 60 ventures have been selected to participate in the program's seven cohorts. 44 of those have come in the last two years under the County's partnership with Cela. More importantly, companies are consistently leveling up into conversations with investing accelerators in New York City and beyond. This most recent cohort represents not only the best of Westchester's startup ecosystem, but also powerful opportunities for selected attendees to become part of these ventures' progress and success.”

The participants in Element 46’s Spring 2024 Demo Day, included:

AreaHub: (Pound Ridge)

AreaHub is a risk management platform that provides extensive climate and environmental intelligence across 30+ topics for organizations, including local government and multi-location businesses, anywhere in the U.S. AreaHub already has product traction and is looking for business development growth to achieve revenue targets in the next year.

Founders: Alison Gregory, Raj Singh, Bill Pence, Marek Ponarski

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Chivy Inc.: (Cortlandt Manor)

Chivy Inc. is a premier dating app startup that provides a secure and exclusive platform for single professionals looking for a long-term meaningful relationship. Chivy Inc. already has raised $475,000 with a growing customer base of upwards of 130.

Founder: Nikko Shkreli

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Foretold: (Port Chester)

Foretold accelerates decision-making for real estate investors by accurately predicting market conditions and zoning trends. Using Data and AI, its tools facilitate the creation of housing by unlocking insights from thousands of data

points. Foretold data is already being used to model rents on thousands of new apartments in Westchester.

Founders: David Cortez, Julian Diaz

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Groopl: (Mamaroneck)

Groopl is an app that helps people get together with friends and family by making it easier to plan events and activities. Groopl has an MVP and is looking to launch a beta this summer.

Founder: Petra Pasquina

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Khonsu: (New Rochelle)

Khonsu is a travel planning platform that combines artificial and human intelligence to help visitors save time during the trip planning process. Their goal is to help people visiting New York City do more of the things they love with the people they love. Khonsu has a beta in the market with more than 1,000 paying customers.

Founder: Robert Coverdale

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LEVEL Learning: (Hastings-on-Hudson)

LEVEL is a video-on-demand learning platform for kids that takes the stress out of instruction in dance, music, sports, and other after-school activities. LEVEL is launching this fall with a pilot program before going wide in early 2025.

Founder: Adam Dolgins

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Project Vara: (Hastings-on-Hudson)

Project Vara helps police departments and other public service professionals solve the shortage of personnel by providing a streaming technology that allows for an instant connection with the public to efficiently triage their demands and reallocate the personnel they do have to more critical tasks. Project Vara’s TelePolicing has growing customer traction with police departments and mental health providers.

Founders: Aaron Golembiewsk, Craig Tant, Rich Olson

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Qiqo Inc.: (Scarsdale)

Qiqo helps small businesses increase brand awareness through a network of hyperlocal marketplaces. Qiqo already has paying customers on an MVP.

Founders: Sandra Nam, Lucas Cioffi

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Recognition Technologies Inc.: (South Salem)

Recognition Technologies, Inc., established in 2003, is a research and development organization providing a

single comprehensive software engine for enabling Speech, Speaker, Face, Object, Emotion Recognition, and much more, using a unified set of APIs designed for Integrators and Software Developers, and works standalone (Android and Linux) and in client/server mode. The vision is for an expanded marketing effort to reach the unlimited relevant clients who may be unaware of these alternative solutions for providing higher security, edge-based deployment, full behavior control, etc.

Founders: Homayoon Beigi, Pargol Javaheri-Saatchi

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SafeStops Global Inc.: (Tuckahoe)

SafeStops Global, Inc. is a tech company that’s helping to re-imagine how traffic stops are conducted from behind the wheel. Streamlining the process for drivers who feel uncomfortable after being pulled over. Its app is designed to help make each stop equitable and provides drivers with everything they need to complete a traffic stop electronically. SafeStops Global, Inc. currently has over 40 customers and is looking to scale to 5,000 users in the next 18 months.

Founder: Adrienne Michel

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