Westchester County Executive George Latimer signed into law legislation aimed at bolstering Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemptions. This move expands eligibility criteria by excluding social security income from the adjusted gross income calculation for benefits.

Latimer said: "This legislation marks a step towards ensuring our senior citizens receive the support they deserve. By excluding social security income from the calculation, we are providing substantial relief to seniors on fixed incomes, enabling them to better manage their expenses and maintain their homes. It's crucial that we prioritize the well-being of our elderly residents, and this adjustment reflects our commitment to their financial security and comfort."

The legislation, which was recently passed unanimously by the County Board of Legislators, aims to alleviate financial strain among senior citizens, empowering them to age in place with dignity and ease.

Department of Senior Programs and Services Commissioner Mae Carpenter said: “Enhancing senior citizen property tax exemptions is a vital aspect of supporting our aging population. This adjustment not only provides much-needed financial relief but also reinforces our dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for all residents."