In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is announcing a new initiative aimed at promoting inclusivity and accessibility for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. In response to the findings of the Westchester County Asian American Advisory Board’s Surviving and Thriving AAAB Needs Assessment, the County is announcing the creation of an easy-to-use informational brochure tailored for Chinese, Japanese and Korean-speaking populations.

Latimer said: “As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we take this important step towards ensuring that our services are accessible to all residents, regardless of language or cultural background. This brochure represents our dedication to fostering an inclusive community.”

Conducted by the Asian American Advisory Board in 2022, the survey examined inclusivity, language, transportation and education in Westchester, and revealed crucial insights into the challenges faced by the AAPI community in the County. Among the prominent findings were the necessity for improved language access and a desire for better communication regarding County services.

Latimer said: “While our website translates into all languages, sometimes you just need something in your hand, something tangible, that can offer you the guidance and resources you need.”

In line with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Westchester County is now introducing a brochure focusing on key service departments:

  1. Westchester County Department of Health: Providing comprehensive information on health services, wellness programs, and vaccination clinics accessible to the Chinese, Japanese and Korean-speaking communities.
  2. Westchester County Department of Social Services: Offering guidance on social assistance programs, eligibility criteria, and support services tailored to the cultural and linguistic needs of the AAPI population.
  3. Westchester County Department of Emergency Services: Ensuring vital emergency information, disaster preparedness tips, and contact details are easily accessible to Chinese, Japanese and Korean-speaking residents.
  4. Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health: Addressing mental health resources, counseling options and support networks in a culturally sensitive manner to foster well-being within the AAPI community.
  5. Westchester County Department of Transportation: Facilitating seamless access to transportation services, schedules, and routes for individuals who speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Asian American Advisory Board Co-Chair Marjorie Hsu said: “The Asian American Advisory Board applauds this first step in addressing the unique challenge of language access for our AAPI community.  Asian seniors, new immigrants and under-served residents don't avail themselves and their families to very basic necessities because of language barriers.  Emergency services, medical and mental health, transportation and social services were determined to be the first priority to lower the barrier for people to access essential services. We will continue to work on better outreach to inform and educate Westchester residents as additional County information becomes translated to Chinese, Korean and Japanese.” 

Asian American Advisory Board Liaison Martha Lopez said: “I am thrilled that we are able to provide this vital information to a much broader part of the community in their native language.”

To request a copy of Surviving and Thriving: A Guide to Westchester County, contact Martha Lopez at  or 914-995-2947.