Eleven innovative tech startups to receive 10 weeks of education and mentorship to drive growth


Westchester County’s Element 46 Tech Accelerator Powered by Cela today announced the 11 tech-based startups that have been chosen to participate in the Spring 2024 cohort. The program will culminate with a Demo Day on June 13, 2024, where each participant will have the opportunity to pitch their venture to a room of investors, technology experts, press representatives, government officials and other key contacts.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “We continue to be impressed by the diversity of tech startups that are launching and scaling in Westchester County. The Element 46 Tech Accelerator has proven to be a powerful resource for ventures looking to raise capital and grow their customer base. We are pleased to offer this opportunity to 11 more startups this spring.”

Westchester County Director of Economic Development, Bridget Gibbons, said: “The 11 startups chosen for this spring’s Element 46 program reflect the level of innovation and excellence that Westchester County is known for. We look forward to supporting this group of entrepreneurs as they take their ventures to new heights.”

Westchester County Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Deborah Novick, said: “Our new Element 46 cohort includes a diverse mix of tech ventures who are ready to scale, tackling a wide variety of real-world challenges in healthtech, climate and the environment, social commerce, real estate, and education. From education and mentorship to meaningful introductions, we are excited to be working with these creative and compelling ventures, and to contribute to their growth.”

Cela Innovation Co-Founder, John Lynn, said: “We are inspired to see the best of Westchester County’s startup ecosystem come together around our Spring 2024 cohort. Accelerators are powerful platforms for attracting and organizing entrepreneurial communities, but they are only possible when situated in a place where incredible talents, resources, and collaborations are already in motion. We are very proud of the role the Element 46 Tech Accelerator Powered by Cela plays in bringing these components together for our Spring 2024 cohort’s 11 world-class companies.”

The ventures chosen for the spring 2024 Element 46 program, are:

  • Project Vara (Hastings-on-Hudson) helps police departments and other public service professionals solve the shortage of personnel by providing a streaming technology that allows for an instant connection with the public to efficiently triage their demands and reallocate the personnel they do have to more critical tasks. Project Vara's TelePolicing has growing customer traction with law enforcement departments and mental health providers.
  • DTX Medical (White Plains) helps patients and providers solve for communication errors after treatment and care, by implementing remote therapeutic monitoring. DTX Medical already has a number of customers, engaging with 364 providers and 750 patients per day.
  • Foretold (Port Chester) accelerates decision-making for real estate investors by accurately predicting market conditions and zoning trends. Using Data and AI, Foretold’s tools facilitate the creation of housing by unlocking insights from 1,000 data points. Foretold data is already being used to model rents on thousands of new apartments in Westchester.
  • Groopl (Mamaroneck) helps Alpha Organizers solve group gathering challenges by offering event planning tools. Groopl has already assessed a market need and is actively looking for customers.
  • Qiqo (Scarsdale) helps small businesses increase brand awareness through a network of hyperlocal marketplaces.
  • Recognition Technologies, Inc., (South Salem) established in 2003, is a research and development organization providing, "Enabling Core Technologies," for allowing software products to be able to process multimedia, such as audio, images, and video to glean information such as biometrics, authentication, transcription, and descriptive summaries, using the latest Machine Learning technologies developed in-house and hence fully customizable for different scenarios.
  • Khonsu (New Rochelle) is a travel planning platform that combines artificial and human intelligence to help visitors save time during the trip planning process. Its goal is to help people do more of the things they love with the people they love. Khonsu has a beta in the NYC market with more than 1000 paying customers.
  • AreaHub (Pound Ridge) is a risk management platform that provides extensive climate and environmental intelligence across more than 30 topics for organizations, including local government and multi-location businesses, anywhere in the U.S.
  • LEVEL Learning (Hastings-on-Hudson) is an EdTech company that provides video-on-demand instruction for kids K-12 in after school activities and life skills.
  • SafeStops Global, Inc. (Tuckahoe) is a tech company that streamlines traffic stops for drivers who feel uncomfortable after being pulled over. Its app is designed to equip each driver with everything they need to complete a traffic stop electronically. SafeStops Global, Inc. currently has over 40 customers and is looking to scale to 5,000 users in the next 18 months.
  • Chivy Inc (Cortlandt Manor) is a premier dating app startup that provides a secure and exclusive platform for single professionals looking for a long-term meaningful relationship to meet.

Members of each Element 46 Tech Accelerator cohort are chosen in a competitive, County-wide selection process. Each group comprises up to 12 tech startups from across the County, and must feature committed founders with at least a prototype of their technology or tech-enabled product.

In the program, each founder is matched with hand-picked mentors who are leaders in technology, finance, business strategy, venture capital, marketing and other key areas.  Participants also gain access to a world-class curriculum on fundraising, customer development, executive management, product iteration, branding, marketing and more. 

The Element 46 Tech Accelerator Powered by Cela runs for 10 weeks every spring and fall. This is the fourth cohort produced in partnership with Cela Innovation, experts in tech accelerator programming and operations.

To learn more about the Element 46 program, visit the Element 46 website.


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