Westchester County Executive George Latimer highlighted his dedication to labor in a new video, highlighting key initiatives and policies aimed at supporting workers and fostering a pro-labor environment.


In the video, Director of Operations Joan McDonald details Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and the County's proactive adoption of these agreements. Additionally, the video sheds light on Westchester County's Industrial Development Agency (IDA) labor policies.

Latimer said: “PLAs and the IDA’s labor policies play a pivotal role in promoting fair labor practices and ensuring efficient project management. My administration has always prioritizing labor rights and fostering positive relationships with unions. We want stable employment for union members, high-quality work and enhanced collaboration between labor and management because those elements will always lead to success.”

McDonald said: “Through partnerships and a steadfast commitment to labor, Westchester County is paving the way for equitable opportunities and prosperous communities. Our embrace of Project Labor Agreements and robust labor policies underscores our dedication to fairness, efficiency and collaboration. Together, we're building a future where every worker thrives.”

The video also spotlights Westchester County's significant investment in capital projects, with a noteworthy allocation of $350 million for various initiatives.