The Westchester County African American Advisory Board (AAAB) has launched the African American Advisory Board Partnership Directory, a platform designed to foster collaboration and support within the African American community.

AAAB Chairwoman Barbara Edwards said: “This innovative directory is a significant step forward in achieving the AAAB's mission to eliminate discrimination and enhance opportunities for African-Americans and their families.”

The Directory, which is similar to the MWBE Directory, is a searchable database for African American owed businesses and organizations. Anyone can apply to be part of it.

The AAAB plays a pivotal role in developing and recommending effective policies, legislation and services that address discrimination, and promote the overall well-being of the African American community. Organized into specialized committees focusing on key issues such as economic development, education, health and human services and housing, the AAAB actively engages with the community to understand and address their specific needs.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “The newly launched African American Advisory Board Partnership Directory serves as a comprehensive resource connecting individuals, businesses and organizations committed to advancing the goals and objectives of the AAAB. This user-friendly platform allows users to explore and engage with a diverse range of partners, fostering collaboration and synergy across various sectors."

Westchester County Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins said: “We are excited to introduce the African American Advisory Board Partnership Directory as a powerful tool for fostering connections and driving positive change within our community. This directory reflects our commitment to building meaningful partnerships that will contribute to the elimination of discrimination, and the advancement of opportunities for African-Americans in Westchester County."

The directory is now live and accessible to the public, and the AAAB encourages individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in supporting its mission to explore the platform and join the growing network of partners. For more information, please contact Paula Friedman at or (914) 995-2940, or visit