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Westchester County Executive George Latimer has signed the 2024 Westchester County Budget, his sixth, solidifying the County fiscal stability, sustainable development and enhanced public services.  The 2024 Westchester County Budget totals $2.4 billion and maintains the same County property tax levy as 2023, marking the fifth consecutive year without a levy increase. The budget passed earlier in the day with bipartisan support from the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Latimer said: "Today, I am proud to sign the 2024 Budget, a testament to our commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth in Westchester County. We offer support for the County’s most vulnerable residents by funding Federally Qualified Health Centers, helping children with special needs, providing safety net services and programs to address food insecurity, address the digital divide, workforce development, all while also supporting arts and cultural programs and addressing flooding across Westchester.  This is a balanced, fiscally responsible budget that assists all residents.” 

The budget signing comes on the heels of Westchester County being recognized by Fitch Ratings with a prestigious "AAA" credit rating. The "AAA" credit rating is the highest designation possible and underscores the County's commitment to maintaining a solid financial foundation. This recognition not only reflects the County's current financial standing but also positions it favorably for future economic challenges and opportunities. The "AAA" credit rating is expected to have a positive impact on Westchester County's ability to secure favorable interest rates when issuing bonds, ultimately benefiting taxpayers and supporting continued investment in critical infrastructure and community initiatives.

Additionally, S&P Global Ratings has recently revised its outlook on Westchester County from stable to positive and affirmed its 'AA+' long-term rating on the County's existing general obligation (GO) bonds. Simultaneously, S&P Global Ratings has assigned a 'AA+' rating to the County's latest bond issuances, including the approximately $125.5 million series 2023A, approximately $27.5 million series 2023B, approximately $34.0 million taxable series 2023C, and approximately $15.6 million taxable series 2023D GO bonds.

Meanwhile, Moody's Investors Service affirmed the County’s credit position as Aa1 stable. Additionally, due to another successful year of strong fiscal performance, the New York State Comptroller has recently lowered the fiscal stress score for the County to zero. This is the best score a municipality can achieve, indicating outstanding financial stability.

Latimer said: “I commend the Board of Legislators for their collaborative efforts in finalizing this Budget. Their fiscal diligence played a crucial role in crafting and approving a budget that will undoubtedly enhance the prosperity of Westchester County."

Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman Vedat Gashi said: “Due to the dedicated efforts and collaboration of the County Executive and the County Board of Legislators, we have maintained our commitment to keeping the tax burden in mind and making great strides to achieve an upgraded Bond Rating to AAA. We have done this by carefully managing resources to revive medium-term growth for County residents while improving public safety, transforming our mental health care system, protecting our environment, and investing in our children’s future.”   

Westchester County Legislator and Budget & Appropriations Committee Chair Jewel Williams Johnson said: “The 2024 County Budget is a sound and balanced budget. It upholds our commitment to programs that meet the needs of Westchester County residents. I am very proud to Chair the Committee on Budget and Appropriations to usher through the approval of this budget today as it continues to emphasize health and mental health services, the development of affordable housing, and environmental programs. This budget is also a catalyst for creating an even more inclusive economy.  I am so glad we’re continuing the child care scholarships, and I am very excited about the new initiatives in 2024, including a new Director of Flood Mitigation & Resiliency and funding for United Way’s new Growing Together Westchester Family Resource Tool for new parents.”

Westchester County Budget Director Larry Soule said: “The 2024 budget continues the practice of fiscally responsible budgeting that has been a mainstay of the Latimer administration as well as the Board of Legislators.   This budget funds the necessary programs that enhance the lives of all Westchester residents and it does so in a sustainable manner.”   

Westchester County Commissioner of Finance Karen Hablow said: “I commend the County Executive for once again putting together a structurally balanced budget which provides for expanded programs and services for the residents of Westchester. The 2024 budget reflects the County’s commitment to maintaining the fiscal stability it has achieved, and developing resilience for any future economic uncertainties.” 

Continuing Initiatives

Health and Mental Health - $11.4 Million

  • Maternal Mortality: A $1 million allocation to address maternal mortality issues in the County.
  • FQHC’s: $3 million to bolster Federally Qualified Health Centers in the area.
  • Tobacco Cessation: $1.5 million dedicated to promoting tobacco cessation programs.
  • Telehealth (Seniors): A $300,000 investment to improve senior residents' access to telehealth services.
  • Project Alliance: $5.6 million to support social services and community development.

Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) Michael Orth said: “Under the leadership of County Executive Latimer, and the strong collaboration between our County Departments of Public Safety, Emergency Services and Community Mental Health, Project Alliance has had a significant impact on how Westchester County delivers services to residents experiencing a psychiatric crisis. Through training of law enforcement and first responders, and the establishment of Mobile Crisis Teams throughout Westchester, we have created a system that is responsive to the mental health needs of our residents while linking them to essential services.   

Westchester County Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler said: “I applaud the County Executive for his ongoing commitment to public health and our valued community partners.  The 2024 budget supports our efforts to address health equity by funding initiatives aimed at reducing barriers to accessing health care.  As a pediatrician, I praise the County Executive for valuing services needed to identify, evaluate and provide appropriate interventions to our youngest children whose healthy development is comprised.  These services are critical to ensuring that each child and their family reach their fullest potential.”

Social Services

  • Childcare Scholarship Program – expand eligibility to 500% of FPL
  • Food Security Funding - $1.3 million

Environmental Initiatives - $25 Million

  • EV Charging Infrastructure at County Parking Facilities: A substantial investment of $20 million to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure at County parking facilities.
  • Grant Program for EV Charging Stations: An additional $5 million to support the installation of EV charging stations, a partnership between the County and municipal governments to vastly increase the number of EV charging stations.

Director of Energy Conservation and Sustainability Peter McCartt said: “Westchester County leads the state on ground-breaking environmental and sustainability initiatives and through the leadership of County Executive Latimer, Westchester County brings another innovative program that helps our municipalities with their sustainability goals and keeping their local air clean. With the EV Charging Grant Program, 50% of the cost of the charger, design, incentive consultation and installation is covered straight away by the County. Adding in the suite of other incentives from NYSERDA, ConEd and the federal government then brings the cost of installing EV charging stations to zero.”

Housing - $90 - $100 Million

  • Affordable Housing Investment Flex Fund: An allocation of $40 - $50 million to invest in affordable housing projects.
  • Housing Implementation Fund + New Homes Land Acquisition: A significant investment of $50 million to address housing needs in the County by investing in the acquisition of property and investing in infrastructure to support new affordable housing.

Westchester County Planning Commissioner Blanca López said: “The approval of the various development funds for affordable housing will advance our efforts to continue to work with developers, municipalities and New York State to combat the housing crisis that is upon us by increasing the number of fair and affordable housing units in Westchester County.”

Economic Development, Tourism and MWBE - $7.9 Million

  • DIG Program (Downtown Improvement Grant): A $1.5 million allocation to enhance downtown areas and support local businesses and communities.
  • Workforce Training with WCA: A $300,000 investment to provide residents with valuable job training opportunities.
  • Tourism - ARPA Funded: $2.1 million dedicated to promoting Westchester County as a tourist destination.
  • Sector Strategies: A $3.7 million investment to support various programs, including Launch 1000, Biosciences Accelerator and Element 46, all aimed at fostering economic growth.
  • EDA Grant: Westchester County secured a $344,000 grant to further enhance its economic development capabilities.

Westchester County Economic Development Director Bridget Gibbons said: “This budget is not just a financial plan; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to sculpting a future where prosperity is not a privilege but a shared reality. As we navigate the economic landscape, let us remember that true growth extends beyond numbers; it's about nurturing an inclusive economy, fueling the flames of innovation, and fostering a community where dreams take root and flourish. With the 2024 Economic Development Budget as our compass, we continue on a journey to redefine possibilities, deepen our commitments, and lay the foundation for a tomorrow that echoes the ideals we proudly uphold in Westchester County."

Westchester County Tourism & Film Director Natasha Caputo said: “In 2022, Westchester County saw visitors spending $2 billion. The County’s tourism economy will be strengthened by this funding which will help us to continue to grow this important economic driver, bolstering tourism partners and other businesses here with new and enhanced programs.”

Westchester County Director of Policy & Programs Small Business and Chambers of Commerce Shari Rosen Ascher said: “The County Executive is deeply committed to local businesses not only as an economic driver, but as the heart of Westchester.  He recognizes that as a County comprised of unique and diverse municipalities, finding ways to work together and support one another is imperative. Not only does he show up at Chamber meetings and events; he has allocated substantial resources because he knows that each business represents more than a bottom line; they are people and families and community members. This budget will help businesses survive and thrive; employers find workers and job seekers find work.”

Emergency Services & Public Safety

  • Full funding for all budgeted positions.
  • Ongoing Threat Assessment Management (TAM) Operations.

Department of Public Safety Acting Commissioner Terrance Raynor said: “This budget ensures that the Department of Public Safety can continue to provide the Patrol, Investigative and Special Operations services that are critical to keeping Westchester safe. In addition, it enables us to enhance the work we are doing in the Real Time Crime Center and supports the creation of a Threat Assessment Management team to identify and prevent acts of targeted violence. I am grateful to the County Executive and the Board of Legislators for the confidence they have in our Department and the support they continually demonstrate for our officers.”

New Initiatives for 2024


  • Flood, fire and non-FEMA emergency recovery program.
  • Funding for two nonprofit organizations, one in the northern part of the County and one in the southern part, to provide assistance to families in need during relocation and recovery. Total cost: $300,000.
  • On-Call Planning Consultants, a total cost of $500,000 to expedite implementation of affordable housing and flood mitigation projects.
  • Addition of a Director of Flood Mitigation and Resiliency.

López said: “The 2024 Budget responsibly addresses the urgency felt by residents and property owners alike with respect to flooding and the effects of climate change.  The resiliency position and programs included in this budget will assist the County and municipalities to establish recovery plans and help vulnerable County residents impacted by natural hazards to receive immediate assistance."  

Mental Health

Outpatient Clinic Expansion: DCMH will pilot a program to expand outpatient clinic capacity to address existing waitlists and capacity issues. Total cost: $975,000.

Orth said: “In a time of such great need the pilot program to expand outpatient clinic capacity will support residents in accessing timely and effective mental health services. We applaud County Executive Latimer for making access to critical mental health services a top priority.”


  • Landlord Tenant Assistance Program: To fund Housing Authorities for necessary repairs of rental properties. Total cost: $7 million.
  • Eviction Prevention Assistance: Funding for staff and contracts to provide eviction prevention legal services in the Office of Housing Counsel.

Emergency Services & Public Safety

  • HERRO Scholarship Program: Increased from $500,000 to $600,000.
  • Addition of two new Emergency Services positions: Fire Instructor and Program Administrator (Grants).

Department of Emergency Services Commissioner Richard Wishnie said: “Under the leadership of County Executive George Latimer and with the support of the Board of Legislators, the Department of Emergency Services continues to be prepared to respond to the emergency needs of the community. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year operating the second busiest first responder training center in New York State, dispatch 85 emergency service organizations and provide mutual aid ambulance services throughout the County.” 


In the 2024 County budget, there is allocated money for the introduction of a new class of correction officers.

Correction Commissioner Joe Spano said: “The adopted budget for 2024 supports all facets of WDOC operations, enabling us to commence with a February correction officer academy, keep pace our equipment needs and extensive staff training curriculum. In addition, this budget will allow us to maintain and enhance our robust rehabilitation and reentry programs and services, which directly impacts the individuals in our care and public safety.”


  • $5 million included for Not-For-Profit funding.
  • Increased discretionary non-profit contracts, with a cumulative increase of 39.5% since 2018.