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Westchester County Election Results

Welcome to Westchester County General Election 2019
Unofficial Tally of Election Results

To always view the latest results, please click the 'Reload' or 'Refresh' button on your web browser.  Results will be available shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Nov. 5, 2019 and updated approximately every 3 minutes.     

To view the unofficial tally of election results select from the listing below:

Early Voting Results 
Early voting results for Westchester County from all early voting locations. Includes both Local and Westchester County Elections.

Westchester County Elections 
includes offices that are not associated with a particular town, village or city. Includes: County Court Judge, County Legislator, Family Court Judge, and Supreme Court Justice.

Local Elections
includes offices entirely within a particular town, village or city in Westchester County. Includes: City Court Judge, Councilman, Council/Trustee, Library Trustee, Mayor, Propositions, Receiver of Taxes, Superintendent of Highways, Supervisor, Town Clerk, Town Justice, Town/Village Justice, Trustee, and Village Justice. *Village of Mamaroneck Trustee results can be found on the Rye Town page.

The election results contained in this web site are the unofficial tally of election results prepared in accordance with Section 9-126 of the New York State Election Law.

Due to multiple transcriptions of voting machine numbers involved in preparing the unofficial tally, all results are subject to error. Furthermore, in accordance with Section 8-142 of the New York State Election Law, some of the absentee votes may not be available for inclusion in the unofficial tally.

On election night, one or more election districts may not report their results. In addition, some reports may include errors which cannot be resolved election night. Official election results will be compiled and made available by the Westchester County Board of Elections in accordance with Section 9-214 of the New York State Election Law no later than twenty-five (25) days after the election.

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