Welcome to the “Not for Profit” database
of the Westchester County Community Emergency Notification System (CENS).

By registering your organization, Westchester County will have the ability to notify you in the event of a large scale emergency. Notifications will be made by our automated telephone system and email.

The CENS is already used to communicate with local officials, county legislators, county commissioners and others regarding emergency situations in Westchester. The system will allow us to give you information -- before, during or after an emergency - to help keep your organization and employees safe.

You will be asked to designate a “primary contact” for your organization to maintain and update your organization’s data on-line and at least one “emergency contact” for after hours.

Once your organization's registration is processed, you will receive a confirming email that your data has been recorded.

It is important to note that the information you provide will not be shared and will be maintained in a confidential database. Your information will not be published or used in any other application.

Please call (914) 995-5427 or email aak2@westchestergov.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

Step 1 - For the first time registering your organization use:
Register Now

In order to register your organization successfully, you must designate one person as a “primary contact” to maintain and update your organization’s data, and at least one (up to five, if needed) as an “emergency 24/7” contact.  The primary contact can also be the emergency (24/7) contact.

Step 2 - After you applied and have received an email verifying your registration, use: Already Registered
Use your organization's registered Login-ID and password to sign in and view your organization's information or to make changes.