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The American Academy of Pediatrics & Westchester’s Child Fatality Review Team say baby is safest sleeping
Alone on Back in a Crib

Does Your Baby Sleep Safe?

Always place baby on his or her back
Share the room, not the bed
Tummy time is for supervised play time
Baby should always sleep alone in a crib or pack n’ play
Dress baby in one more layer of clothing than you
Use tightly fitted sheets with no blankets

No blankets, pillows, bumpers, wedges or toys
Never co-sleep with adults, or allow siblings or pets in a crib
No sleeping on tummy or sides
Never allow baby to sleep on a couch,
futons, chairs or waterbeds
Never use modified products not intended for safe sleep

Reduce the Risk of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)

Contact 211 for more information